There is such beauty in the simple.

I think sometimes we think we photos are this big production....weeks of searching for the perfect outfits, buying multiple outfits to find which ones fit best and having a stack of returns to take back to the store, scheduling an appointment to get our hair and make up done....I could go on. But I want you to know, photos don't have to be like this. The photos that you will cherish the most are the ones where you are in your favorite pair of jeans, your make up is simple and you look like you to your kids, and where everyone has the freedom to run and play and let their personalities shine.

This session was beautifully simple. Jeans and white shirts. White walls and space for the kids to run and play. And let me tell you, the amount of genuine smiles and joyous laughs that we got during this session was......a lot!!!   Getting to celebrate this growing family before baby #3 is born was so so fun.

Now I should add, by no means am I saying you should wake up on the morning of your photoshoot and randomly look through your closet to pick out what to wear or not take the time to do your hair and brush your teeth. Obviously you don't want to look like you just rolled out of bed for your photos. I just want you look forward to phoyos rather than be stressed and approach your photos with a simple mindset. I'm always here to help you too!!