Creative Family Session

Let's make your session a memory making experience rather than just an annual "to do".

I love a good traditional session with breathtaking views of the mountains, mom wearing a gorgeous, flowy dress and the kids all styled so perfectly they should be in a magazine. And I feel like we like to have at least one family session that is beautifully orchestrated to give those masterpiece photos. But I would venture to guess those photos don't give an authentic glimpse of who we are in the day to day. Thats where creative sessions shine.

I feel like the term "creative session" is a bit of a buzz word in the photography world - but outside of that I've noticed people are a bit confused about the term. I mean, isn't every photography session essentially a creative session? Well, yes, but when I talk about a "creative session" I am typically talking about a session that is based around an activity or experience that is special to you and your family. Something that you all love and brings you together despite your own unique interests. Maybe family bike rides are something you all love and your regular route is a core memory for your kids. Maybe your family loves pizza as well as rollerblading - why not order a pizza and head to a parking garage with your rollerblades in tow and document it? Maybe you have a special park that your kids ALWAYS ask to go to....lets head there and do a family session so you have photos to look back on and cherish what a special place it was. Maybe you are moving and even though you are excited about the adventure ahead, you are grieving leaving the place where you shared so many wonderful memories. Let's do an in home session to give you keepsakes to keep forever. The list could go on. Whatever is special to you....whatever is a connection point for you and your family, capture it. I promise, you will never regret having these sweet moments documented. Life flies by way too fast - be sure to be intentional to capture it.